Canada Trip May 30th: Winnepeg

  • Awake for another day of Canada, showered and went over to Auntie & Uncle’s room for 魚溶麵,豬扒(from Imperial Palace lunch before),Olde fashioned ham(from Safeway, i chose it!!haha),菜苗,(from Safeway)
  • Drove by Regina’s legislative biulding again, took a few pics but not as great as yesterday nights, (aww… i really wanted to take panoramas of the legislative biulding in day and night),
  • Drove by city centre, very 塞車 and not much to see, didn’t have much of a chance to take pics 😦
  • Drove onto Winnipeg, not much to see besides plains and plains of plains…haha
  • Ate lunch at Chicken Chef inside a motel, it was run by a Korean family as well, wow
  • Finally got to take a picture of provincial borderline (just driving by tho) when entering Manitoba.
  • Fell asleep in the back seat and basically couldn’t get up even when I knew the car had stopped for gas or something, whew,
  • Searching place to stay in Winnipeg, Super 8(full),Travelodge(full except two rooms, the guy helped us call a few down the road, very helpful nice guy! very good asset to his company, hehe), Culfort motel(not sure of name, but very cheap $65 and refurnished rooms but Kel couldn’t stand the smell), Red Lion Inn (didn’t see the rooms butwas refurnishing and didn’t have space), and finally settling in one suite at Holiday Inn which had two queen beds and a sofa bed in the living room and it had the whole dining room,”kitchen”(no stove),
  • Ate at Sun Fortune found in one of those travel magazine suggestions, turns out not bad but a bit further than we thought (stupid GPS lead us in a big roundabout). Ate Pickeral(碧古魚 $15 for a small one, $24 for big), 燒鴨(there specials apparently), 白切雞, 蒜容豆苗,
  • Drove around city centre (without GPS! aha) in near dark
  • Back to room for shower and sleep zzz

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