Canada trip Jun 1st: Sault Ste Marie

  • Left our Super 8 Motel in Thunder Bay early in the morning since we had another 8hours of driving before our next stop
  • Saw a lot of the lake as we drove to Sault Ste Marie (pronounced Soo Saint Marie) and finally stopped at one to take photos. A bit cold along the water, but well worth it.
  • Ate lunch at Pizza Hut/KFC express. Apparently KFC express doesn’t have fried chicken (what’s KFC then?!), dissappointing.
  • Uncle drove for part of the way as me and Kel fell asleep in the back seat. He suddenly had the urge to stop at Glenview Cottages. The prices were reasonable and the rooms were very pretty. Went out to buy some food for dinner, got steak, T-bone, lobster, garlic butter and bread. yumyum!
  • Went out for a walk in the night because the dinner was so filling, hehe.

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