Cross Canada June 4th: Niagara Falls

  • Woke up bright and early with all my batteries charged
  • When we first arrived, we only saw the American Falls and I was wondering, “hey, it was much much MUCH bigger when I saw it 7 years ago!!”.
  • Went over to NY for the sake of it. Had to get out of the car coz his parents needed visas. The officer was actually very nice and amusing and stamped my pasport (although it wasn’t necessary) when asked for it. hehe. Went to see The Falls from the American viewpoint. Much wetter and felt much closer. Although the misty beauty of the whole Falls can only been seen from the Canadian side; the American side was still very powerful since it’s so so close and hitting down at the rocks. Didn’t do anything except eat a banana at NY. hah!
  • Fell asleep on the ride home…zzzZZ. Saw glimpses of the sunset, very pretty, but too tired to fish for the camera, zzzZZ.
  • Ate dinner at Highway 7 金皇朝. 蒸 Bass, 琵琶豆腐,…
  • We walked by Lovegety Station earlier, and decided to go down check what stickerpic machines they had, the one that they had (two was out of  order) looked so much older hehe, but still thought it kinda fun to take pics all the way in toronto!! hehehe… But i guess we took a little too long and had to make his parents wait…(O血O)”

A penny for your thoughts; two for your comments!

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