Cross Canada June 5th: Kingston

  • Woke up at 8am and left the hotel room at 9:45 to go shopping at Toronto Eaton Centre. YAY! Kel just dropped me off and had to get back to his parents.
  • Came to pick me up from the shopping centre at noon. Went to eat Dim Sum in Chinatown. Wasn’t that bad but it really wasn’t anything special either, so much for $1.75 for a dim sum dish.
  • On our way! Arrived at Kingston in afternoon. Toured Queen’s University a little bit, very nice biuldings and campus (but a lot of mosquitos). No wonder people say Queens is the nicest university in Canada!
  • Saw 5~6 people practicing some kind of kungfu at Queens. When we walked up, the master apparently learned under two amazing (grand)masters in China Shanghai, one of them being Yu Hua Long in 形意拳 and Chen style Taijiquan. He now teaches in Queens and UVic and is #1 in Canada. Wow! He and his students (all of different levels) performed the Ten Animal, Seven fist, Five power, Six element… although I didn’t understand a word, it sounded and looked amazing. Hah!!
  • Ate dinner at New Garden Resturant, 燒鴨, 桂林琵琶豆腐, 介蘭. Not bad. (Originally picked Wong Garden Resturant, but it was in this broken down scary little strip mall and looked like it was closing down soon too)
  • Stayed in Days Inn (at $90/rm). So tired I actually fell asleep quite early.

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