Cross Canada June 6th: Ottawa

  • Awake at 10am, pack up and checkout Days Inn ($99/rm) at approx 11am, went to Tim  Hortons for Sausage breakfast sandwich, Milk Tea, and Peach juice
  • Kelvin started driving to Ottawa, stopped by a gas station and switched to Da driving since Kel’s knee hurt. Da is trying really hard to redeem herself in everyone’s eyes (nooOOOoooo i don’t aLWayS speed!!) and driving at 100 and 110km/h. Except, since one of the rear doors was opened, and Da got confused with whether to slow down before pulling onto highwayshoulder or to pull out then slow down(?) hmm…. anyways, that didnt go too smooth.
  • Arrived at Ottawa,  drove the scenic route and got frustrated since I was stressed with driving (his parents) and feeling lost. Ate at a Bar grill sort of place, ordered a Salsa taco (personal size, but huge!), fish and yam chips, chicken and spaghetti,
  • Kel drove rest of the way to Ottawa, good thing, because i was so tired i couldnt keep my eyes open and started snoring (embarressing!)
  • Open door at Supreme Court of Justice. Didn’t allow cameras in the Supreme Court so wasn’t able to take any. Nice knowing what happens to those trial cases.
  • Rideau Canal, Fairmont Hotel ($285/night), suddenly remembered that I’ve been here with Daddi and a sense of deja vu when i saw the balcony walkway thingy beside Fairmont hotel overlooking the Canal.
  • Parliament Hill, Parliament biulding, House of Commons. Much nicer than all the others we’ve been to across Canada (it is Ottawa after all!). Tours ended at 4:30pm, aww! Took a lot of pics of the main biulding, and with a police car parked nearby. The RCMP was busy greeting and taking photos with visitors.
  • Dinner at Chinatown 洋城小館. Food was good, the 燒鴨, 煎魚, 白菜 was very good, the 洋腩煲 was so-so, not enough lamb taste.
  • Saw a Morning Glory store nearby when walking to the resturant. Decided to go there before dinner came. They normally close at 6pm but apparently (and luckily today) it opened later (i came by at approx 7pm) since the manager was waiting for someone.
  • Finished dinner at 8:30pm and went to Loblaws to buy fruits and vegetables.
  • Returned to Days Inn ($209 originally, $180 for the huge suite and jacuzzi!) and dropped off his parents.
  • Went back to Parliament Hill and went through the parking lot and small drive way onto a biking path… in the GMC! Wow! Beautiful evening scene as the sun went down leaving a little red in the sky and the lights all on and reflecting in the water. Took a bunch of photos, must take time to put the panoramics together! Got told by a passing biker about driving down there.
  • Drove around the few blocks around Parliament Hill looking for a spot. Wanted to at least take some photos even if they didn’t have Sound and Light show (Super dumb, i read the brochure again and again and it said 9:30 to 10:30PM). Turns out the brocure was printed after. Grr…
  • Returned to Days Inn. Had a SuPeR great jaccuzzi bath. emmmhm!

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