Cross Canada June 7th: Ottawa

  • Woke up at around 8am, since everyone was stil asleep I thought I’d just play on the laptop first. Ended up Auntie and Uncle went down for breakfast and back again before I got ready go out
  • Ate an American breakfast (2eggs,bacon,sausage,toast,french toast) at Maru, a Korean/Japanese restaurant located within the Days Inn. Not bad.
  • After puttering about, Kelvin and his dad was using their laptops and his mom and I were really just sitting and standing about, we finally left the suite at 12:00.
  • Missed the entrance to the parking lot we went to yesterday, so we parked under World Exchange Centre, free on Sat and Sun.
  • Ate lunch at Tim Hortons, warm soup, yummy.
  • Went on tour the Center bldg on Parliament Hill. Very pretty place. Once again, remembering being in here because of the squishy little waiting area the tour guides made us wait in and the impatient feeling. hehe, funny how pointless details stay so attached.
  • Went upstairs to the Peace Tower, nice, interesting, hohum. Been on enough skytowers to start feeling less enthusiastic, hahah. But it was still very pretty place, could see a lot of Ontario although the structure wasn’t made for enjoying the view, I suppose. The Peace Tower had 55 huge bells within it and could play 4.5octaves. wow.
  • Went into the East Wing, there were offices of historically important Canadian parliament personnel such as Sir John A McDonald (apparently he had gallstones and had to be commissioned off for months at time and it was his best friend that talked BC into Confederation! new bit of info just learnt, haha), Cartier(McDonald’s best friend), Governor General (which didn’t have a wash basin,a sign of prestige and status, but rather had a whole private bathroom down the hall, wow),
  • Went on the Lady Dive Amphibus tour. The tour guide was bilingual and the tour seemed super rush as she had to keep up with all the different embassy’s and interesting biuldings, and the Governor General’s house/massion (she was just coming out in her black car with another tailing car, hehe, of course her windows are tinted and we couldn’t really see), went by the Prime Minister’s abode (which he complained was too far from downtown, it’s 5 minutes away!), the Something something park which had a private bathroom biult for the queen when she was coming for a picnic but ended up raining and it never got its royale flush.
  • Weeee~ we got into the Lake Ontario and went across to Gatineau (Quebec). Apparently the bus had rudders and whatever and just works in water and land, interesting.
  • Got our car and drove to Chinatown to eat Vietnamese food. Pretty good in my standards, but then again, i’m not so picky about my food.
  • Back to Days Inn
  • Went out to see Parliament Hill night view, but, just when I was setting up camera, turned on, “No memory card” available flashed. Argh! When we went back to Days Inn earlier, I had taken the memory card out to transfer photos! Argh! Dumb, had to drive back and get it.
  • Got memory card, checked battery, checked mini tripod, off we go.
  • Even though I wasn’t it ideal shape and thought I wasn’t gonna have the patience to take much photos, I still took bunches. Mostly of the center biulding and fire. Very hard to do so with a mediocre point and shoot digital camera and a very mini tripod, which I nearly had to lie on the ground to see anything decent. And it was nighttime! hehehe.
  • Got back at around 23:00. Setup the jacuzzi which hot water, but since I was too greedy, the water filled up but was wayyy too hot to get into, awwww! Had to then turn on the cold water tap for quite awhile before I could barely put my feet in. (Oh, all this time I was quite cold, because, well…) Bear in mind, I often shower in pretty hot water and could spend decent amount of time in hot tubs. Anyways, was comfortablethough less enjoyable than the yesterday.
  • Started typing this up, although I got soooo tired I dozed off…zzzZZZ

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