Canada trip June 8th: Quebec City

  • Left our lovely Days Inn room, and started driving away from Ottawa onto Quebec City. We were in a traffic jam in Ottawa and because the GPS was set for “on foot” instead of for cars, hehe.
  • Ate lunch at Burger King, ordered three whoppers with french fries, onion rings, and poutine each and orange juices, and a personal sized pizza for Auntie. Ofcourse they didn’t really enjoy it, but it was a nice break from chinese food, hehe.
  • Drove through Montreal, there was some more traffic jams. Funny how there are more crazy drivers once leaving Ontario, less prominent speeding punishment signs maybe? haha.
  • Arrived at Quebec Old City. We were all very amazed at the old historical look which they maintained quite well.
  • Stopped at a Gite B&B (Gile B&B? my records are contradicting) but it was full (the owner had actually taken the trouble to come out and tell us that) and referred us to another further down the road. This second one was less prominent (didn’t have any signs announcing they were B&B’s but had a lot of license,etc on the door). Couette & Cafe, the stairs were narrow and winding, and the rooms were just the right size. The owner guy had to wait till his wife came back before ensuring whether we could rent the room for another night (the power of women,haha). For $90/rm we got one king bed in a smaller room and two queen bed in a larger room but had to share bathrooms with someone else. Both had terraces (terasse, they pronounced). Couldn’t wait till tomorrow, since breakfast was included, haha.
  • The owner recommended us a place for dinner, Cafe du Monde. Interesting place, two of the appetizers were very unexpected, Cheese fondue with shrimp and skewered shrimp (but was changed to duck since they didn’t have enough shrimp) came out very odd. The soup was good, mussels were excellent, the bread was very good too when eaten hot, and the fries were pretty good too (to my standards,haha) considering we had burger king fries earlier. The main course was okay, not great but not bad. Nobody else had space for dessert so I declined, wuu.
  • Got back to the room and basically fell asleep, super tired.

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