Canada Trip June 9th: Old Quebec

  • Woke up bright and early at 9:30am because thats when the guy brought in breakfast. He wanted to suggest we eat out in the terrace(balcony) but wow its windy. Moved back in the room. Breakfast consisted of two of each three kinds of pastries (very different from what I imagined pastries were, they were more like scones), toast, hot chocolate, tea, and orange juice. Not bad.
  • Checked out, the guy gave us a map and recommendations to another place. Turned out that other place was very disappointing. It was more like a motel, even though the price was cheaper at $79 a room, but it had no “feel” and it was a little further away.
  • Just as we were gonna go back to Best Western($99 room) or Royale William ($189 suite), we found a bunch of hotels along the lake. Some was full, but we came to one in the corner that was approx ($139 room) on the main building, but they also owned the building inner/upper ($99 room) but it’s rooms were much more interesting. The first suite we looked at (suite as in one big room with a connecting door to another smaller room) was very interesting as you had to sort of snake through. Not a very nice kind of room to live in but very interesting and they could fit a table, kitchen, washroom. The suite above them was nicer(more reasonable design layout) and had two rooms with a sharing kitchen. We took that. Hotel Belley, 249, rue Saint-Paul, Quebec, QC, G1W 3W5.
  • After unloading the luggage (whew, that was tiring since had to carry them up two flights of stairs) btw, the room number was 306-7 but lucky it wasn’t 3rd floor, haha.
  • We parked our car and walked into the Old City. With just the map the lady owner gave us, we found some resturants, settled into one that seem to have some “taste” and warm food. La Ronde. Ordered two home made soup, one salad, one pate for appetizers. For main course I had the mushroom quiche pie (which also had pretty good fries and salad), can’t really remember the rest. For dessert we had two apple pies (the apple pie was amazing! it actually had slices of apples instead of the boring chunks of them and had custard base), caramel something or other (i really liked it since i expected it to be really sticky but turned out it was sweet with a tint of coffee and didn’t feel sticky at all), and a bread pudding with strawberry.  Had two hot chocolate, one cuppucino and one tea. Didn’t finish the hot chocolate coz it got too sticky sweet at the end.
  • Walked around in the darned wind (whew freezing cold, i had already bought my thicker jacket, eeps) along the city wall from Porte Ste Jean to the Citadel. Felt so much like listening to “A little Fall of Rain” from Les Miserables. (did i mention it was raining a little? yea and freezing wind). At this point, Auntie and Uncle felt they didn’t need a tour of the place and decided to go back walk through the Old City and we parted ways.
  • We walked awhile through the Citadel, went to Parliament biulding, took some time taking pictures of flowers nearby, of the water fountain, of the statues on the building. Thanks to the guy carrying an SLR who volunteered to take a picture of us if we took a picture of him with the Parliament as well. Walked back into the Old city where I took pics and also did a little “shopping” at Le Chateau, Roots, while sightseeing, hehe.
  • Got back to our hotel at around 7pm where I started uploading photos and fell asleep. Kel and his parents went down to buy some food for tomorrow’s breakfast. They got back just a little after I got up and we went out for dinner.
  • Went to an Asian Thai and Vietnamese food. Wow, everything is in courses although we orders a la carte. The main dish wasn’t very filling. We got a spring roll for appetizer, and Seafood with rice, Chicken curry with rice, not bad, but since we hadn’t had rice in awhile and they all had a lot of sauce it was pretty easy to eat.
  • Drove around but since it was raining wasn’t much good for sightseeing. Went back to the hotel room.

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