Canada Trip Jun 10th: Old Quebec

  • Packed up our stuff from the hotel, and was going to leave for Montreal today.
  • Drove by to the wall painting house. There was a wall-painting of a building but it was done so it looked like we could see the inside of the house and what people were doing. Was raining so didn’t do too much there.
  • Went to Parc du Montmorency, to see the Falls that was supposedly 1.5 times higher than the Niagara Falls. Man, what a dissappointment! It was teeny tiny and far off. And we had to pay 9.50$ for entrance while driving, but had to walk . And it’s an extra 8.50$ to ride the gandola. hmph!
    (Private reminder: Da vows to remember what she has said she’ll do and carry through! Although,I do wish people would just remind her kindly)
  • Went back to Old City and ate at La Retro again, tried some different food. Got homemade soup (carrot,peach?,something or other), homemade pate, and salad. For main entree, Shrimp soup, Haddock fillet with lemon white butter, and a Homemade sausage grilled in flower mustard. For dessert, a floating island (very pretty and interesting,made from a white souffle thing floating in creamy yellow sweet sauce), rasberry pie, and chocolate mousse. (They won’t let us change the drink to hot chocolate this time, but i already had choc mousse,enough chocolate!) Yum!
  • Walked around the old city on a hotel tour. Along the rue Saint-Ursula is a bunch (honestly, there is a LOT of) hotelier,auberge(i guess it’s either motel or hostels), and gites(B&Bs). Went and asked for prices and looking at different rooms. Each house seemed to have it’s own style. Chain hoteliers seemed so plain in comparison, but i guess these “styles” only work in Old City where it fits in so well with the cramped alleyways. If it was in Toronto, say, we’d definitely not chose those places.
  • Finally settled in a B&B, Maison historique James Thompson, that Andrew (another B&B owner from across the street) and we took up both attic/top floor rooms ($85/rm) which meant we also had their living room and bathroom to ourselves since her daughter wouldn’t be back till winter. Very artistic place and seemed to fit into the Old City very well since the the floor boards squeak with every step…grrrr!! It’s a nice quiet street off the main street (St. Jean) so it should be a nice place to stay for the night. The bathroom is kinda scary though since there’s only window pane and no window curtains and although the opposite is only a stone wall and theres shower curtains all around, there’s still that little fear, hehee. The host, Guitta and her partner Greg took turns looking after the place (one for first half or the month then switch)
  • Walked the Old City a bit more, the style there is amazing. And how they kept everything even the newer biulding with the same style yet different look was amazing. To think that the Old City is 400 years old. Walked along Saint Loius (which according to tonights host is the expensive touristy resturants) and Saint Jean (which is the more reasonable local prices). She suggested two resturants, one of them Aux Anciens Canadiens which apparently is very expensive for nights but lunch menu was approx 25$ meal. But since it only goes till 17:30 that wasn’t much good.
  • We had dinner at Guitta’s other recommendation, L’Entrecote Saint-Jean. Personally felt it was okay but that Retro was slightly better and had more choices. We ordered one La Table D’Hote which included Potage du jour (soup of the day, Creme of Mushroom), Salade verte aux noix (Green salad with walnuts), 9oz sirloin steak which matchstick fries, and profiteroles au chocolat. A Mousse de foie de volaille(chicken liver mousse, spread onto toast, which I thought was pretty good). Another was Cuisse de canard confit (duck confit) with Portage du jour. A salmon with white rice and turnip/carrot sticks(my, how do they make the turnip so it tastes so…ew). And a Poire Belle-Helene, dessert. Not bad, but not super great. Ordered some red wine (Cdn) and Uncle somehow remembered my birthday, teehee, pretty amazing recognition and memory i must say.
  • After dinner, we walked back to the B&B.

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