Canada Trip Jun 11th: Montreal

  • Woke up to knocking sounds and quickly got dressed for breakfast. Breakfast at this B&B was amazing. (Uncle even said it was better than last nights dinner,wow). We had hot chocolate, coffee, orange juice, tea, fruit salad, creme brulee (ya, for breakfast,haha), choice of omelete,french toast,pancake,or waffle (we had one each,haha,kind of mean), with two sausages. There was also freshly baked croissants, soft and hot, yum!!
  • Sat around the dinner table chatting with Guitta, the owner, till about noon before we had to set off and leave. It felt like we learnt so much more about the locals way of life… 60% on snow removal? 4m of snow, sometimes even 5m. wow!
  • Left Quebec City at approx noon. Didn’t eat lunch first ’cause we were all too full from the breakfast. We were gonna drive by Old City again, but there was traffic jam and loads of tourists. Funny, I remembered people being less willing to speak English to us last time, but this time a lot of people were willing to speak in English to us. (The girl we stopped on the road to ask which/when we could park because we didn’t know the days of the week,haha) On the way we ordered a two chicken leg meals at St. Huberts. I thought it was an okay meal (come on, it’s fast food) but some are more picky, hehe.
  • Arrived at Montreal, checked out some B&B’s but they were full, non responsive, or the place looked icky. Finally drove by a Days Inn and decided on two rooms in there. It was really close by Chinatown, Old Montreal and Old Port. $100/rm
  • Went to Chinatown, Keung Kee 強記 for dinner. If they use this sort of name, at least they should be catering to chinese. Turned out the food was pretty good. The steam fish was delightful.
  • Walked around Old Montreal and the center. Auntie and Uncle left a little while later while we walked around a bit more. Left not too late. Took a shower and went to bed.

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