Canada Trip Jun 12th: Montreal

  • Woke up with the sun streaming in through the curtains. Apparently, the sofa bed room seemed to be more impervious to sunlight,haha, but that’s okay because I like waking up to sunlight.
  • Drove to Mont-Royale Parc. Apparently, Montreal got it’s name from Mont Royale. Wow. Went up to both viewpoints, one was a 10 minute walk and the other was a 3 minute drive. We were going to just drive up since our time was limited, but finally decided to walk up the other viewpoint as well. Good thing, both overlooked a different view and both were amazing.
  • Kelvin drove us to Olympic Parc, I fell asleep on the way, teehee. The building was very amazing, interesting shape and all, but the inclined tower and glass cable car was what drew me in. It was apparently the tallest inclined tower, up to 175m. The view on top was very very nice (although it annoyed me that i couldn’t take panoramic photos since the glass was slanted as well and there was dividing lines. sigh. Had to leave pretty soon since we only got parking for an hour ($5/hr, $10/day…what logic is that??)
  • Went back to hotel room to (initially) transfer photos because the memory card was full, then fell asleep.
  • Went down to 強記 for dinner (again) at 7:30pm. Ordered 蒸魚,帶子,通菜,琵琶豆腐(which was different from the previous two times we ate, this time it looked very unappetizing because it was very fried but tasted very good because the chef didn’t make it too thick coated with oil.
  • The waitress brought out a birthday cake (I was just thinking who else had a birthday today as well) when she put it in front of me and Auntie, Uncle and Kelvin started singing Happy Birthday to me…hehehehe! So happy!

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