Canada Trip Jun 13th: Victoria

  • 路程接近尾聲…心情依依不捨…
  • Waking up in Montreal’s Days Inn bed, unwilling to leave but also dying to see more of this beautiful city.
  • Went to 紅寶石 to 飲茶. Maybe it was Sunday, it was pretty filled. The food was okay, although we got tricked by the egg tarts that were freshly brought out but were COLD! grr! But Auntie also ordered a 手拉麵 that tasted great!
  • Took a quick walk around Old Montreal, the church bells were ringing and there was a wedding ceremony, wow. (Dream: wonder what my wedding ceremony will be like~~~lala).
  • Left the place at approx 3:30pm to Montreal Airport. After fidelling around with the car rental, having to go out and get gas ’cause it was 3x more expensive to return with the tank empty, getting the e-ticket, and overweight luggage. whew.
  • Watched Pink Panther 2 and Watchmen on Air Canada. Stupid flight, we had to pay for the food.
  • When we arrived in Vancouver, ate at Triple O for dinner. Pretty freaked about the upcoming flight to Victoria since I really hate those small planes. Good thing I practically fell asleep as soon as we got on.
  • Auntie and I got the luggage as Kelvin and Uncle went to Budget for car rental.
  • Finally getting back home, whew I made it through…*sigh of relief*

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