Sunday May 23, 2010

After worship, Kelvin and Da left for VANCOUVER! Stupid #4 came late and we JUST missed #72. Grrr! Had to wait an extra 20mins for the next #72. But that’s okay, we got onto 1500 ferry. Walked around Aberdeen and Daiso for an hour before it closed. Went for a YUMMY all-you-can-eat dinner deluxe at Ninkazu Japanese Restaurant. YUM!!! Because we were too full, walked around a bit, pondering whether we should go sing K, haha;)

Monday May 24, 2010

Woke up bright and early. Headed out for breakfast at ….(forgot the name;~) Yummy HK style breakfast, Ham macaroni, luncheon meat, hehehe;). Went back to pack up and head off to metro. We were a bit off on our schedule, so even though I did check the bus schedules for the next few buses, we still missed it and took the skytrain instead. Bridgeport to Metrotown by skytrain takes 45mins (for the record). Of course the first place we went (besides check the bus schedule again haha) was COACH. hahaha;)

Took Kelvin to see this really cute wristlet at COACH. I know he was a bit against me buying it, as he tended to suggest others, such as the slightly larger wristlet but they all had an icky pattern and the zipper was wonky, he also wanted to buy the reallllly mini wallets, but besides like 3 cards it would start getting bulky. So I realllllly preferred my wristlet. But Kelvin was like “no, not perfect enough”. teehee;) I didn’t really mean to pout, it was just the feeling of heading out to Van and missing one very important reason for it;) Hehehe. On our bus ride back to Richmond, he asked me to clean out his jacket pockets (as he tends to put LOADS of useless stuff in it and it was getting hot and heavy…or so i thought). After taking his gloves and other nick nacks, “What about the inside pocket?” he asked. There I pulled out a coach receipt…”Oh I think it’s from last time”…Really?!? Wait… It says “WAV CC HRT….” No WAY~~~ It’s the one I wanted to get!!!!!

HEHEHEHE;) Kelvin…^3^

Biggest mystery: Where did Kelvin find the time to get it….@@?


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