Sore throat… with a sprinkle of overimagination

Strep throat. Penicillin-V K 300mg 2 tabs q8h.


最近剛好有美國軍船來到維多利亞港口。也很多船員,海軍,等等都來到chinatown吃飯閑逛。這幾天因為不敢吃太過火的食物,都是乖乖的去chinatown選中餐吃。雖然海軍應該身體強壯有力,不過萬一我們兩的viral strain太強烈,他們也帶著這個病菌上船。整艘船的人員都被感染了,船因為有自動導行所以還是到達目的地,只是因為沒有船上人員控制她靠岸,碼頭旁的人只看到一艘像鬼船半個人影都沒有卻到處都血跡淋濕滿地的船直撞進碼頭。灰塵定下,寧靜中,一堆zombies從船上爬出來開始攻擊岸邊的工作人員。Biohazard warfare正式開展…

Recently, American naval vessel arrived at Victoria, planning to join us for Canadian navy’s centennial anniversary. Many navy personnel collected at Chinatown. Coincidentally, Kelv and I, being very sick and sore throat decided to pick Chinese food with less spices. Navy personnel must be physically very strong and healthy, but what if our viral strain is just a little bit stronger. After the celebration, they bring the contamination back onto their ship. What happens there will be left to audience’s imagination. The USS Ronald Reagan, a 333m long ship carrying 3,200 crew and 2480 aircrew, with it’s new automatic navigating system, is sighted along the shore. The land crew, slightly bored at the last few uneventful days, go about blinking their safety lights and numerous other duties to prepare for the ship to dock. No one noticed its ghostly appearance, without as much as one person on deck, yet dark red blood stained this otherwise magnificent vessel, splattered on every other wall. It was much later when they realized that the ship did not appear to have any intention at slowing down, and was running straight at the dock at it’s top speed of 30knots. Hazard lights began blinking, sirens whining, then a computer generated voice warns of danger and to evacuate immediately. In a flurry, people running everywhere, colliding, there was barely enough time for them to escape as the 3000tonnes of metal ship hurled at the port, crushing everything in its path. But it finally grinded to a stop. All noises ceased. Dust settled. Silence. Then with a screech, thousands of zombies ran out, attacking anything and everything alive. Hence, biohazard warfare began……….

(facts from CBC)


EDIT: 妹提出一個很好的問題,美國加拿大又沒有大自然的分割,萬一那些zombies爬回自己國家怎麼辦…


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