Roxie, I’ll miss you~~!

Roxie came down from Nanaimo this weekend. Although we weren’t able to meet up on Sat/Sun, it was still great to see her again during this summer. A bus ride up to Nanaimo seems like a fun plan… but where do I fit it in my schedule? ;\


Somehow Roxie & Teddy are colour coordinated (both in black) and Kelv & I are both in gray…hahaha;) We did something similar on our vancouver trip too~!!
“Maybe because we’re couples…”

For anyone whose lived in Victoria for a while will have seen people coming and going. And I guess it’s normal to feel excited when new people arrive in our circle and slowly blend in, and just when we’re having fun, time’s up, and the sadness kicks in. Recently, I’ve been comforting myself that eventually all my friends will be going to hk/china/tw, whether for staying or holidays, whereas I won’t be able to see my hk friends as they’re less likely to come back to victoria. But still…T_T


A penny for your thoughts; two for your comments!

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