VicCAC Retreat 2010: Practising Prayer

Friday 25th June 2010

17:30 Registration
18:00 Dinner
19:30 Opening ceremony – Canaans were in charge of singspiration!! Whew!!
21:00 First talk – Pastor Chen Karpark
凡事都歸榮耀給神 To Glorify God in all you do

  • To spread the gospel; if necessary, use words
  • Prayer is the practice of the awareness of the presence of God
  • Two questions: (1) What can I do for you? (2) What can I pray for you?
  • 無論作什麼都要問自己這個能否榮耀神. 如果你覺得賭博, 醉酒等等能榮耀神, then go ahead (去你個頭!)

22:30 Return home

Saturday 26th June 2010
09:30 Second talk – Pastor Chen
操練禱告 = 操練對神的認識 Practicing Prayer = To learn the will of God

  • There is no point in separating which portion of your life is “spiritual 屬靈” and which is “secular”, because going to Church doesn’t mean you’re “spiritual” and going to work is not. God is with you all the time, good or bad.
  • Acts 5:41 And they departed from the presence of the council, rejoicing that they were counted worthy to suffer shame for his name.
  • To know the trials in life are for a reason, to glorify God! (that includes my runny nose right now= =)
  • 除了還要尋求祂的意思

10:30 Prayer meeting
12:00 Lunch
13:30 Game – Canaan and Joshua just stayed inside and chat the whole hour. But it was entertaining. heehee;)
14:30 Went to take care of the kids, there was only 4. Since neither me nor Daniel actually prepared any games for them (oops) we played Veggietales: Jonah for them. Whew, that was a long cartoon, watching veggies bounce around. Had popcorn and orange juice. We had it easy;)
21:00 Third talk + Q&A

  • When we pray, we talk to Him; God wants to talk to you through the Bible
  • Newer generations rely on experiencing God (miracles, feeling). Older generation rely on sermons (Pastors, Bible). Both are important assurance that God will provide, because the Bible has said so, and because you have seen it.
  • PRAYER vs. COMMON SENSE. If you are sick, do you pray or see a doctor? If you take medication, people will see this and glorify modern technology. If you just pray, then…$%^&
  • Ex. A man was trapped in a flood. He prayed to God. A car came by but he refused to get on: “God will save me”. Few hours later a boat came by, he still refused: “God will save me”. Couple of hours later, a helicopter came by, he still refused. The man died and went to heaven where he asked God why He didn’t save him. To this God replied: “I drove a car to save you, you refused; I sent a boat to save you, you refused; I sent a helicopter to save you, you refused. 該死!”
  • God has prepared everything for us. He sent Alexander the Great to spread the Greek language, and the Romans to build roads and great soldiers, and 毛擇東 to unify mandarin language so we don’t need to bring translators when we spread to gospel in China. The same way, God has prepared technology for us, iphone, Bill Gates, Apple… (btw, wow, Pastor Chen is so 潮 he uses iphone 3GS, haha)

22:30 Return home
Whew it was a tiring day, staying at church the whole day! But in all honesty, I really didn’t do much worthy of complaint. I only had to help out look after the kids for two hours (and they just watched Veggietales), I only had to sit down and eat as the 婆婆’s all helped prepare the food for us, and just listen to Pastor Chen’s interesting talks.

Sunday 27th June 2010

10:30 Pastor Chen talk
等候耶和華 Be still and wait

  • People often fear silence hence we always turn on radio, tv, cd player, to fill up the silence. Because it is in silence that the Holy spirit talks to us. And because we see ourselves for who we are.
  • What are you waiting for right now? It is easy to forget the grace of the Lord. It is easy to think of how great yesterday was or how tomorrow will better.



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