Vancouver 2010 July

Even though I’ve has been living on the island for quite a few years, there’s always some friends that I wanna meet in Van… and what’s the best time than probably the last month I’ll be spending in Canada… awww=_=

Friday 2nd July 2010

  • Took 11:00AM Ferry with Steph, Bunbun and Kelly

Da,Kelly @BCFerries mast
Da,Steph @BCFerries
(Doesn’t this pic look like advertisements for BC Ferries?!)

  • Hanging out with Steph n BunBun, shopping in Richmond
  • Went home early to have dinner with relatives

Saturday 3rd July 2010

  • Mic Ha didn’t contact me… >_<
  • Went to Gastown with Molly, Kelly and Kelvin. Hehehe, had an enjoyable afternoon taking pictures. Funny how whenever you ask people about Gastown the first response is: “the steam clock?” hahaha;D


  • All You Can Eat at Richmond with Canaan604, Helen, Rico, Ivan Li, Steph, Bun Bun, Kelvin and Da


  • Went to nightmarket, but too full to really enjoy anything

Da,Steph @Hurricane Potato,Nightmarket

Sunday 4th July 2010

  • Auntie and Jo is off work today! Went to “yum cha” together,


  • Visit Jo&Law’s new place. Watched “Face Off”, now i’m gonna keep wondering if the face i’m looking at really belongs to that person…*scarred*

Da&cousins @Jo's new place

  • Went to the Greek festival…hm, after nightmarket yesterday, this is…em… (*_*) But it sure smelled strongly of LAMB. It was $210 for a whole roasted lamb, how cool is that, hahaha;D
  • Went to “Cattle cafe牛仔餐廳” in Richmond for fish noodle soup, Kelly actually shared with me!!
  • Nightmarket, met up with June, and had more food, hahaha so full!! Tried the Ketchup and Sour Cream flavour of Hurricane Potato, yumm! I wanted to get Cotton Candy, but that seemed too much! Also had lamb satay…(not sure if it was a good choice, sure tasted good but…)

June,Da,Jo,Molly@NightmarketJo,Molly,Da,June@Nightmarket with foodWe all want Hersheys!!

  • Went to Sing K at Mix2 on Kingsway. June’s two friends joined us. Sigh… I really shouldn’t sing K and 獻醜…sigh. Got home late.


Monday 5th July 2010

  • Had the urge to go photo-taking @ Stanley Park, feels like i should go at least once before leaving, but seemed too troublesome.  Went to Metro with sis instead, she finally got her jeans…hahaha;)

Tuesday 6th July 2010

  • Met up with Sophie @Station Square. Wow, sure is a long time since I was here last. Bubble Tea House and the Movie Theatre is still there!! But Mike Mike and the arcade closed down. Wu~


  • Had lunch with Sophie @ Orange Country, Station Square. Reminiscing the old times… high school has so much drama! It was great to know friendship can withstand troubles. hehe;) Sally couldn’t make it today, maybe another day~

Sophie@Orange CountryDa@Orange Country

  • Went to SFU with Sophie, she had to borrow a book, and I haven’t been there all that often. Since the plan to go Stanley Park didn’t work out, might as well go take a look at SFU campus. I wasn’t disappointed!!

DSC07095 SFUSophie,Da (Da 玩藝術)
Sophie,Da @SFU building topDa @SFU Pong

  • Charis group for dinner: Kit, Juli, Kelvin, NC @ Anton’s Pasta (E. Hastings x Willingdon). Yum! Michael Kwan showed up after looking like a waiter…hahaha;) Went to Caffe Artigiano afterwards to just chill. I know we’ll meet up sometime, someday in HK!!

Wednesday 7th July 2010

  • Got in a little “disagreement” with Kelly, good thing she’s my sis, we made up pretty quick, although not without some hashing. heh;D Made me realize the extent of my worries for her, but I guess I have to learn to let her go, let her make her own mistakes and to grow from them.
  • Farewell Vancouver, for now at least ^____^



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