Resident Evil: Afterlife

Resident Evil: Afterlife
Resident Evil: Afterlife

Had wanted to watch this movie since I saw the trailer, in fact, back when I finished watching Resident Evil 3. I haven’t really played the game, but i love action/thriller/sci-fi movies, and lately, a liking for zombies. It’s almost like I’m not in the midst of finals tho, the way i spent $60HKD (student price; Regular adult $70HKD), but then, it’s 3D, and i need a break…(hell yeah, that Anatomy exam most nearly killed me there!!)…hmm…Anatomy…maybe that’s the reason for the heightened blood thirst, killing zombie mood…

There was less than 10 people in the theatre today, guess people here watch movies the day they come out and not a month later… (This movie aired Sept 10). And the movie isn’t all that long,

Alice (Milla Jovovich) is hot as ever!! and Claire Redfield (Ali Larter) looks dashing too!! In fact, gals operating guns are usually sexy~!! I <3!! Story plot…so so. The story has become a slight drag, not that i’m tired of watching hot gun-wielding gals shooting zombies in the head and spewing their blood all over the place (phew, that was hard sentance to phrase without being a spoiler!!)
Anyways…spoilers alert!!! SPOILER ALERT!!
Missed 5 mins to the begining of the movie coz spent too much time trying to pick out snacks and drinks (that didn’t end up being opened at all!!>”< GRR!!) but i guess that implies the movie was captivating enough.. The story starts (for me anyways) with Alices (they ones she frees from RE3)  all attacking Albert Wesker (Shawn Roberts) as he makes his escape in a aircraft, but gets ambushed by the real Alice which gets injected with the serum and looses her T-virus abilities. Alice survives and searches for Arcadia where the survivors including Claire and others from RE3 has escaped for shelter, and survival. All she finds is abandoned aircrafts and a lonely beach. As she’s loosing hope, she sees a black shadow swiftly fly across and follows, finding and overcoming Claire which is controlled by a metal mechanic spider-like thingy that appears to have resulted in temporary memory loss but amplified her powers. She later recalls being ambushed and captured by Umbrella corp people although she managed to escape. They fly towards los angeles, hollywood ofcourse has deteriorated into a broken down sign. They find a small group of survivors: a  hollywood director (@SShole), a actress wannabe turned server, a star sports player Luther, a perverted prison gaurd, an ex-army prisoner Chris Redfield (Wentworth Miller), a Kim Yong (Norman Yeung),…
They learnt Arcadia is a ship. Since the craft could only hold two, and its suicidal to try landing another 5 or 6 times as Alice did, they had to find another way out. They freed Chris Redfield, who revealed to be Claire Redfield’s brother although she still couldn’t remember. He also reveals escape plan using 10-tonne tank. They raid the army weaponry two floors under water, actress-wannabe-turned-server whom used to be swim champ gets dragged under water by zombies. The first to go was perverted-prison gaurd (who tries to peep at Alice showering and gets dragged down a tunnel in the shower room…). Meanwhile, Luther and Claire is trying to hold off this big potato sack-wearing hammer-wielding supposedly zombie dude. Director kills the mechanic (hence i said director dude is an @$$hole) after learning the tank was disemboweled (haha, not a very technical word, but then, fits the mood *shrug*), and escapes in the aircraft even leaving behind Kim Young who hesitated, worrying about the others. Zombies enter. They crowd the whole rooftop but the 5 hold them off with all their amazing weaponry and shooting skills (hell, when did all-star players learn to shoot like that??), they leave via the no-electricity lift with a bomb and free falling, SMART!, and Alice jumps the roof along with a whole pile o’ zombies…WOOT!!! Amazing!! Then comes another wonderfully “Alice” scene as she fights her way through crowds of zombies eventually running out of bullets and switches to her own gun, and we learn where her coin collecting “hobby” comes to good usage, hahahaha!!!! (Side question, wouldn’t that clog the gun barrel?)
Regrouping in the shower room, they get ambushed by potato sack dude, killing Kim Young (aww… altho he “followed” director dude, at least he had some moral!!…hmmm, are they trying to make a States/Korean comparison?? haha!! thinkin too much). After fighting off potato sack guy, (and btw, i think the most horrifying 3D effect was probably this scene as the hammer is being thrown at you…but i can’t say it made that much of an impression, afterall, it’s still contained within the screen size) escaping by the sewer tunnel the zombies made, Alice, Claire and Chris are the only survivors. Luther gets dragged back by a zombie. They arrive on Arcadia by ship only to find it abandoned, although Alice’s aircraft has crash landed (meaning director has already arrived) and the system says 1000 people are still alive on board. Further exploration leads them the know that it’s an Umbrella corp ship and it’s a whole trap to lure people in to do tests on.
Hehehee…funny… one says: “it’s a trap”…and they walk in…hahaha ;D
They find the survivors in underground large test tubes (that’s what it looks like!!), mostly controlled by the spider thingyies, and they start freeing them, one of them being K-Mart (from Extinction). Two of the test tubes are blood splattered and their inmates obviously escaped (maybe that’s why the crew abandoned ship). Alice walks onwards, into the aircraft chamber, then to Albert Wesker’s chambers, director shows up looking pale and sickly. They proceed to fight mutated T-virus dogs that can split their heads in half (as if the original T-virus wasn’t disgustingly mutating enought!!), then Albert, who has Alice’s T-virus-combined powers but its overpowering him hence he wants to take Alice’s DNA to strengthen his own, but eventually gets overpowered, first by a knife (ha, idiot) then a shot in the mouth, then multitude of shots by Chris and Claire. They leave the chamber with director inside. Sounds indicate Albert reviving and attacking. He leaves by aircraft and activates a bomb as he did in the opening scenes. Alice indicates emergency to leave quick. Ticking sounds of the bomb are nearby and Albert follows it to the storage area of the aircraft as his aircraft blows up (spoilers have it that a parachute is seen falling). Meanwhile, Alice and Redfields are applauding, Ooh, the emergency was because they didnt wanna miss it, ha. Luther is seen shooting off two more zombies, “star power”, hahaha!!. All seems good except multitudes of aircraft with Umbrella logo fly towards the ship. Oopsies. And for those that stayed an extra few minutes may find, a metal spider clad women is instructing hordes of armer wearing…uhm…armies? to kill all on sight. Hm… kinda wish i didnt stay to watch that scene though, as it just screams at you to watch Resident Evil 5 on a story which has been dragged out waaaay too long.
Personal feel? Not enough zombie fighting!! The story line was reasonable up till RE3. The virus getting out of hand in the facility, then Racoon City, then the world… at least there was still a point in escaping, but if there’s not many more survivors… why the heck is Umbrella corp still trying to kill everyone off??? I guess you could say all their scientists are nerds and not Umbrella Corps fault, but sheesh, thats awfully lots of slaves u already got there, do u really need that one tiny group more?? And there’s not much use to test healthy subjects, as after those tests even if they do work out, you’ll have no one to use it on! Oh, and wouldn’t zombies start eating each other when they’ve not had food for 5 years??
Yeah, there’s the whole synopsis… bye bye, back to studying for Physiology… maybe i’ll find out how T-virus works. Peace out! ;D

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