Movie: Source Code

Can’t say it’s the movie of the year, 2011 is still young, but it’s heading a good way. A little “Inception” feeling, the protagonist is jolted awake in “reality” by death, and that “reality” can very well be just a figment of imagination. Jake Gyllenhaal stars as Captain Colter Stevens who keeps getting sent into the “past” 8 minutes of Sean, a commuter on the train. Within these ever repeating 8 minutes, he has to find the culprit, save the world and the girl. Way to go!

If you think about it, does this mean that every time Stevens gets sent back into the “past” a new thread is created, and each thread itself sends another “source code” to figure out the past?

And sometimes… regardless of how bleak the future seems, you just need one person to tell you, “Everythings gonna be okay”.