I CARE, now how do I show it as a competent, efficient, knowledgeable, resourceful NURSE?

Clinicals at HK hospital have started.  It was a great experience workin in an all male wards (bet’ya also wonderin how these still exist??), the staff have all been very nice, and take time in their hectic schedule to teach us things.  The mentoring system isn’t quite what I expected, but because everyone is so helpful, I guess it’s unnecessary. 

Feelin a lil plunged in cold water, thank God for all that SSCC & RJH taught me.  CU’s also taught me a great deal of knowledge and great support system, just wish I knew how to use it in the actual hospital settings. 

Altho it’s only been 3 days, already feelin’ a lil dissappointed in my performance. Acute medical, been there done that, but somehow, i still can’t seem to catch up to HK’s pace.  All the routines are standard, V/S, but nothin’ ‘s goin’ right.  My sluggishness is really gettin’ at me, and although I can theoretically speed up, I’m still not “in the groove”, so to speak.  Somehow feelin my past experience is more a burden than a gift. Livin in “retirement country” ain’t helpin’ either.  ARGH~ Hatin’ myself right this mo, COME ON Da! What’s wrong with you~!!! Everyone’s workin at top notch, top speed right from get-set-go, and ya just standin there??

OK, self-hate gotta stop. Tomorrow will be a brand new day, i’ll getchya yet!

Broadmead’s 30 pt units ain’t fazed ya yet!! Don’t go givin up…

(Just wish there was more than me pattin’ my back XD)

Another lil whine; nursin’ is teamwork. That’s all i’m sayin’…


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