Clinical post- 1week Reflections

Post 1 week — reflections

HK’s hospital scheduling is killing me, A (day shift) then P (evening shift) then A and P then A, P, A, P, A, P… You get the picture. Feels like i haven’t had a good night’s sleep throughout the week, and my only hope is placed on the weekends where I have to get everything that I’d put off for that week done, preparation for the upcomin’ week and try squeeze in a hint of socializing.  At least I used to have a week, if not a month, to switch my sleeping patterns.  But that said, its not THAT bad.  I mean, even if you get home early every day after a day shift, it’s not like you sleep until 12 or so anyways.  Sigh~

That said, i sure felt i learnt a lot this past week.  Being humble is one.  There is so many things that i don’t know, weren’t sure of, had no knowledge to back up, or only did so because thats how i was told and never really figuring out why.  This program has definitely increased my critical thinking ability, how to separate what is best practice and whatnot, and to know (for patient education or just for the confidence of knowing) why i am taking this action.  Very abstract, haha!

Learning to improve my communication.  Sometimes things pop up which I really wanna say to reassure, or provide reinforcement or education to a patient, and I find myself stuttering the find the right word to explain it.  And then there is communication with staff and others, picking up the courage to take ownership of a procedure, or asking for help when i need it. 

Speed. You know how so many nurses are now so busy to take vitals or actually provide bedside care that they miss a lot of minute details concerning the patient.  And even if they did squeeze time to do so, they still wouldn’t have enough time to actually converse with the patient to find out details and provide holistic support.  I’m not saying the staff aren’t great, the ones on this ward are amazing(!!!), it’s just a general trend of nursing as facilities try to cut cost by hiring less, and nurses take on larger patient load. Anyhow, there’s a lot to be done, and it becomes ever so important to be prepared for every procedure, perform critical thinking before actually approaching the pt so time isn’t spent running back and forth.

Teamwork.  It’s the one thing i love and hate about this job.  When the team is great, everything goes oh-so-smoothly.  Certain level of trust must be placed on your teammates, but how much?  Haha, dunno how to explain that feelin but it’s tickling me.

I guess these are all things that I’ll learn more and more as time goes by.  Critical thinking is a skill that I think i’ll never fully master, but hopefully it’s improving.  Performed a rather moderately large dressing today including grassolind (a paraffin gauze), abd pad, and crepe bandage.  I’m pretty sure I was taught all along to wrap from extremities to proximal, but WHY? Or how our routine fits in with the rest of  health care teams’? And how to operate two VS machines synchronically?

As Grandma used to say: “Work till old, learn till old” (okay, that’s bad translation, forgive me XD)


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