Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand 7-day 6-night trip

it’s been a long while since i’ve gone travelling.  prior to returning to hk, i imagined visiting all their neighboring countries during my term break.  unfortunately, that was not meant to be. the chance presented itself, however, when my dear classmates decided to plan a “graduation” trip whilst the majority was available.  although quite opposite from how i envisioned, this was an amazing experience nonetheless, as some elements were as my undergrad trips were to be.

Day 1: Oct.26 – Singapore, here we come!!

10:47 finally, we’ve all arrived with our varying size and weight of luggages, safely checked in, and opting for a simple breakfast to start our trip.

11:17 unfortunately, service was lagging and by the time our friends’ friend was able to make it (barely) in time to pay the bill, we already had to make a run for the gate. but all-is-well, and we make it onto the flight breathless.

15:45 touchdown at Singapore.

16:19 we take the Clarke Quay MRT to where we’ll be laying our heads the next two nights. as dumb as it may sound, i actually have a job of (assisting in) leading us there!! whew.  

17:48 we make it to Five Stones Hostel. although our room wasn’t the pretty purple one we had hoped for, it was quite cozy, and as with all group rooms, i grab first dibs on a lower bunk near the door.

18:46 Night safari

22:58 Chinatown and dinner. it’s been 12-hrs since breakfast, and i hardly realized my hunger until all the food was set and we begin to chow down.

02:06 Back to our rooms, clean and showered, we had a moment to spare before sleepiness kicked in, and had a nice light little chat downstairs at their little common area. it’s also one of those times when, i wonder if i’m reading too much or too little in someone’s words. if only i can let them know, i’m trying, i just wish i knew, whether its in the right direction or if i’m just reading it all wrong, i’d much rather be slapped in the face, than cause any grief. anyhow, as KAI as i may sound, i really do treasure you buddies and the times we’ve spent these past years.

03:45 sleep is attacking me and i’m barely able to upload part of my photos, before it whisks me off into neverland.


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