CBIII: Geriatrics specialty

First day of a half year long practicing session. This term will be a variety of different specialties, a mere two week each. And to head off the long journey, is a visit to my old profession, geriatrics. Although Broadmead has successfully set an irrepraochable standard in my mind, dimming all other “competitors” in this field with its superior service and design, I can’t help but praise HK hospitals for its magnificent attempt. Corridors are widely spaced with handrails to allow elderlies to mobilize on their own, as they wish, however space is always a limit in HK and the layout of the wandering pathway has areas for improvement. However, the staff was superb and seemed to know each client well, multidisciplinary team meetings were done every week for a handful of clients each time, and staff were pleasant and helpful. Somehow, that seems to be such an important indicator in nursing staff as burnout occurs so easily and frequently. As graduation draws near, I begin contemplating what specialty I would like to first set foot on. Geriatrics seem familiar and easily adaptable, but lacks the adrenaline rush of more acute settings (I must be getting old, excitement seems such a thing in the days of yore, overrated).


A penny for your thoughts; two for your comments!

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