CBIII: Geriatrics Day2

Wow, I have yet to be so uneasily bored at clinicals up till now. there’s nothing wrong with being bored and not having a whole santa’s list of things to do, but it’s fearing what people would think about us as students and the restlessness of the whole ordeal. Fine, I shan’t look a gift horse in the mouth.

Today, staff observed me giving insulin shot (these things are so nerve wracking, being observed that is, insulin shots I’m quite confidant with). So everything was dandy until I cleaned up and we were leaving the patients vicinity, when the nurse told me I should have pulled back the plunger to test for blood vessels. On a subcutaneous shot? Really??!! Humph. However, this incident got me thinking. Right now, I’m relatively confidant that what I’ve learnt is substantially modern, but what if couple years down the road, someone else says my practice is outdated, will I be able or willing to take free personal time to keep up with the fast paced changes of technology and healthcare?


A penny for your thoughts; two for your comments!

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