CBIII: Geriatrics Day3

Had the opportunity to sit in part of a new admission to an old age home, and a multidisciplinary team meeting. Multidisciplinary meetings I’ve experienced before at RJH acute medical every morning and even presented my case, however, I was always too focused on my own bit and to nervous about my performance. As for new admissions, the care coordinators (CC’s) usually took care of it all before I ever saw the patient so that was a new for me. The admission procedure and assessment data was very detailed and holistic care was very well incorporated into the session, the parts were acute care settings usually graze over (the admission form was double the length of acute HA admission forms with a teeny tiny font size, haha). The ward manager (WM) very kindly briefed us afterwards, and she said something which I totally agree: “communication is 70% of the hard work done by nurses, skills and knowledge, though important, take up a mere 30%. Building a good rapport with the client really facilitates are care that needs to be done, instills confidence in clients and their family”. That is just SO true, but unfortunately, the hardest to learn.

Given that however, knowledge is also such a crucial part of nursing as well. I’ve always disagreed with schools method of examination by memorization and recalling, as critical thinking is what preps the nurse for any difficulties they may encounter. However, one can’t deny the ease of implementation when the step-by-step procedure is stored at the top of your head. Unfortunately, it’s another skill which i fail to grasp.

Finally, have confidence! (so easy to say, so hard to achieve)


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