SingMaThai Oct.27

Day 2: Oct 27 – Universal Studio Singapore

08:51 after a scuffle of waking up, showering, and getting dressed, we arrive at Ya Kun Kaya Toast, a must try Singaporean style toast and egg breakfast. the taste suits me just fine. i saved half the toast for later, didn’t wanna waste it.

09:16 Universal Studio Singapore, here we come!!

10:19 Universal Studio Singapore, we’re here!! there’s not too much people at the mo, so we head of for the most crowded rides first. being me, i can’t help but sneak in some photos as we run along.

10:30 our first stop is “far far away” and we watch Shrek, Fiona, Donkey and other magical creatures save the day (altho imma gonna kill anything that dares sneeze at me again!!)

11:06 Treasure Hunters ride took a little lining up but well worth it. The cart going backwards was one exciting touch!

11:31 Waterworld was a fun show, complete with water, water, smoke and water. we sat right between the blue and green area, and luckily didn’t get all too wet although some others were drenched. there were some audience that came prepared with their own raincoat. don’t attempt to volunteer if you aren’t prepared to get doused in water.

12:43 just before the place gets too crowded, we line up for Transformers ride. it was hella long wait tho…

13:29 finally, we put on 3D glasses and board our vessel to assist the autobots. its hard to believe it was just a 4D show, Transformers ride was amazing!!!!! easily the best ride i’ve been on!!!

13:39 walked by the Sesame Street stall, so tempted to buy one of everything, haha!!

13:40 lining up for the Lights, Camera, Action show as they remake a scene in a huge storm.

14:02 we take a couple photos at the huge Universal globe before and after having lunch at a Malaysian foodcourt. the food was great, and actually not all that expensive. during lunch, my eyesight was getting blurry and my contacts had somehow gotten so dried they rolled up in a bunch. yikes. good thing i bought two single use natural tears eye drops. the great thing about vacation with a bunch of nursing buddies, as one sterilized my hands (ugh, kinda disgusting as i think back of all the things i touched before my contacts) and another (using aseptic technique) cleansed my contacts. hehe, so grateful for this group of friends!

15:52 shopped around at their souvenir store and funny hat stalls.

16:19 can’t really remember the name of the show, but it was partly interesting with blasts and booms. i say partly, because it was probably my afternoon nap time, and i was dozing off (shhh!!!), but good thing i was able to enjoy the good parts of the show (those were too noisy to sleep through).

18:12 unfortunately, USS closed early tonight and couple other nights for halloween special, and we were all shooed away at 1800. we still managed to have some fun at the candy store.

19:15 taking the train back, we head off to Vivomart to grab some souvenirs, Laksa and Tom-Yum-Gong flavoured cupnoodles!! apparently only available in Singapore, so regret not getting a couple more!!

20:40 we also head by Lim Chee Guan for some dry beef, pork, and other souvenirs.

21:06 dinner was at…. i have no idea of the name of the place, but it did have some amazing 串烧!! my feet are killing me and i’m just glad we get to sit down.

22:17 although i almost cant feel my feet anymore, the prospect of missing out on visiting the Singapore mascot, the Merlion, was too devastating (i’d definitely regret it if i hadn’t gone) so bearing all pain, i follow on to the walk towards the harbour. we had fun taking photos and panoramas, and the harbour side was quite pretty with the light show, but the lion-fish itself was nothing spectacular. it’s just one of those places that a visit to Singapore wouldn’t quite feel complete if it was missed. but anyway, it was fun just hanging out with my buddies!! if only my feet would stop tingling!! XD the main attraction, however, was the halloween costume party at a hotel along the harbour. there was so much creativity right there!!

i forgot what time we arrived back at Five Stones Hostel, but i really need to put my feet up DX


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