CBIII: Geriatrics Day4

We were lucky this shift that a really nice nurse decided to take us under his wing and let us finally be able to do some “real” work (aka not just watching others do work) hence the time went by much faster. Had the chance to listen to a CGAT (community geriatrics assessment team) doctor see some patients (which was awfully like what happens when we see the doc) and had the chance of being taught by a rather higher upper sorta person on the career ladder.
The three main characteristics of geriatrics care: multi organ failure, gradual onset, unspecific symptoms.
Initial assessments by observations should include: general condition, alert and oriented, emergency, breathing pattern and use of accessory muscles.
The goals of geriatric care: comfort care (tender loving care), free of pain and discomfort, maximize functioning and ability, maintain self esteem and autonomy, and improve quality of life.

Although geriatrics can seem so simple for a beginner, it’s inner beauty takes lifelong experiences to grasp.


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