My experience at this nursing home exceeded expectations. Despite all those horror stories of OAHs in HK, this place has a great vibe, and I’m almost willing to live here when I grow senile (although Broadmead still tops in service and environment, in my standards at least). The staff at AHNNH (5/F) were all friendly and helpful, not one iota of impatience, and treated all the students, clients and their job with respect.

The WM was impeccable. She not only willingly took time out of her busy schedule to teach us, but despite all my errors of nervousness, gave not one criticizing word or disapproving look, rather she understandably and matter-of-factly discussed improvements. By this mere act, she was not just a model nurse, but also a role model for clinical leaders and teachers.

I also got to see holistic care in practice. No longer is it a theory or a phrase thrown around in exams, but how to maximize a clients autonomy and quality of life, how to utilize a nurse’s clinical judgement and decision making to provide comfort care, providing social and spiritual care suitably, and how to efficiently communicate with a client and their family for motivation and empowerment.

There’s so much to be learnt in geriatrics field, if equipped with self-initiation. Hope all the knowledge I’ve gained today will continue through to different wards during my clinical block and future practice.

All being said, why didn’t I just 安份守己 stay at Broadmead? Why must one climb up the career ladder? But no one is ever satisfied with the present.


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