I don’t know whether it’s prejudice to the max or whether they deserve it, but today, I finally understand a teeny weeny tiny bit of how mainlanders might feel against hongers. Yes, staff are more impatient, but what can you expect if patients refuses to take responsibility for their own health, disagrees with every advice, and turn around to blame you for not meeting their expectations?!
There is an attitude issue against mainlanders, and HK being such an international city may look bad, but when u see 9 out of 10 mainlanders here for undeserved benefits, taking what they can and showing their ugliest facade, and the greedy look on the 10th one’s face, u kinda feel like they deserve it. No, not all mainlanders are like that, but the sheer amount of those who are definitely casts a dark shadow on the very rare few that I have yet to meet.

One pregnant lady was thinking of every (unjustified) excuse under the roof for a c-section so she didn’t have to waste time in HK or pay for private hospital, others were not making an effort to attend antenatal visits but blames HK hospital system for not delivering their requests, nor how their own (China’s) doctors refuses their own clients, does not follow standards and defers their workload to HK hospitals.
No, they are not all evil, just too much of them are.

Things appear better since the new legislation, but unfortunately, there’s always one too many a bad apple to destroy the whole batch.

Anyhow, everyone is eligible to fair medical care regardless of rich or poor. And I’ve always believed in it until a husband said today (in mandarin, thinking we wouldn’t understand, after wasting a very kind doctor’s precious time) “ignore what they said, we can just go to emergency, they’ll have to take us anyway”. It’s a hard battle to uphold when you know they are taking advantage of it.
I guess, fair medical care should be eligible to all those who deserve it or not.


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