Phuket 2013, Day 1

19:30 Eeps… it’s never enough time to pack for a trip, at the last minute, everything seems about important. Can’t shake the feeling i might have left something. Anyhow, gonna run to the hairdresser’s, must make myself at least presentable!! kaka!! Having never gone this salon myself, took a tad longer and lots of wrong turns, but finally i made it there and get my hair gets washed. However, the hairdresser didn’t start till 20:00.  Starting to get a lil worried i’ll miss the flight, but good thing he’s quick handed, and i’m ready and out the salon by 20:30.  The trip there actually didn’t take that long, and i arrive to the airport on time, 21:30.

23:50 Although the flight was quite empty when we booked, and there was no line up at the check in counter, but the counter attendant told us the flight was full?! Well well, we got upgraded! Yay!! Seats are much wider and we get our own pillow and blanket, double yay!!  Too excited for our trip ahead, so didn’t spend much time napping as i’d planned until the last half hour.

Phuket 2013, Day 1

02:00 Landing at Phuket!!!! The rest of the gang are at the airport waiting for us.  Booked a 7-person van, GPS included, piled our luggages on, and we’re on our way to our short stop for the night!  It’s a tad hard to find, but we made it.  Canal Resort is actually quite nice, and for 100THB a night, definitely worth it.  Each house has a double bed, washroom, TV (altho i never checked what channels they have), fridge, bottled water, toilet, shower, free wifi.  Oh, and they don’t lock the doors… *hint*.  Although we haven’t really done anything, we’re all exhausted, goodnight!!

Phuket 2013, Day 1


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