Hanoi 2014, Day 1

2014.1.9 Hanoi Day 1

Wow, our super last minute, no planning, whatever was cheapest and not raining (yep, looks like everywhere in the whole of asia is raining!!!!), and somewhere neither of us had been before… Hanoi, Vietnam.


We arrived late afternoon, the sun had set, and the airport was bustling with taxis and cyclos trying to lure you on their vehicle. initially, we were going for a random minivan, but the driver looked a bit too cunning, and the already packed van look much too uncomfortable. Since we were in no rush, we decided to wait for Vietnam Airline minivan which, given their reputation, seemed slightly more reliable. True enough, they charged 40.000VND flat rate, dropping us off right nearby our lodgings.

We checked in to our lil boutique hotel, a delightful little jacuzzi, massive bed, and very faux grande detailing around the room. The boutique hotel had street view rooms, but we had a wall view room, whassat? yep, a wall. a standard, weathered, scuffed looking wall, right-in-your-face distance outside the window, ehm. at least the curtains covering it looks nice. The jacuzzi, did not work, due to “long term disuse” they said. They wouldn’t even offer to change our rooms, sigh. And small sized water heater meant we had to turn it off every few millimeters of water to allow it time to re-boil, and in addition use our kettle to fill up the tub…took forever. At least the heater worked.

Having almost no time for preparation and research for this trip (yep, never actually thought of trip to Vietnam) our hotel customer service suggested “Pho 24” which is a large chain with stores back in our hometown. Although post-thought, a comparison would be nice, but at that moment we desperately wanted authentic vietnam pho. Hence we decided to just randomly wander out and see what diner piqued our fancy. Earlier, we saw a group of tourist from our flight, with a guidebook, sitting in one store. Figuring it might mean something. Apparently, anything tasted great..haha!


Didn’t have much time for anything really, so we just headed back to our hotel early, yawn, and plan for tomorrow.


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