If only every shift ends this way

The past half year’s worth of shifts constitutes me running, speed walking, or pure sprinting back and forth getting my duties done, ensuring my patients and the doctors wishes are granted (within reason). Although it’s a totally unfair comparison, as these P, A, and N shift fell on a non-call weekend, but it was an amazing feeling to sit during a shift!! Not because of the leisure to do so, or my damned legs screaming in pain, but because I could finish my own tasks and double check with time to spare, help out my partner, AND have the leisure to rest my tired legs while I review and perfect what needs to be done. It’s the reassurance that I am improving, that speed does comes with knowing things better and better until it becomes second nature. Oh but I’ve still got such a long way left to go.


A penny for your thoughts; two for your comments!

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