The best way to say something

Is sometimes not to say it at all. Maybe the best way of conveying an thought is not the logistics and technique of how, but rather the intentions of your thought. What are you wishing to convey, what do you hope to accomplish. Nurses are terrible for their giddy gossips and unabashed “shift handovers” but there are certain things that gain you nothing and really should just be swallowed. Today’s support group gave us a list of common phrases that can be re-worded, including “why did you not bring the patient in early?!”, “hospital rules, no can do”, “if you want that sort of immediate service, you can go to private hospital” etc etc. Or, “How can you still not know this?”, “Don’t you use your brain!”, “Why am i doing everything for you?! Why are you so slow?!”, is these any better? And yet, you hear them daily, everyday, everywhere.


A penny for your thoughts; two for your comments!

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