Back then..

20140202-162800.jpgI used to run around 3 wards/lodges throughout the night, then drive in snowy conditions with 2 inches of visibility, with undefrosted car, all the way back home etc etc. Nowadays, I’m running the length of this ward till my shoes squeak with protest (bwahaha them just aging like me) but at the end of the shift I can barely drag myself back to the locker, change to street clothes, then, on a sudden self gratifying splurge for a green tea frap at Starbucks,.. I couldn’t even stand upright waiting for 3 people to order, and my cheese scone that was nice a hot, turned cold as I continually drooped off in naps. And of course slept all the way on the train, barely waking with enough time to mad dash for my stop. Yawn.


A penny for your thoughts; two for your comments!

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