Had the luxury to attend a “Visualization symposium” and the following lecture with guest speakers from Strasbourg. Tailored towards surgeons and medical professionals, with computer science, graphics and rending, and engineering at its finest applications…I was lost! Oh the language was no problem, with their elegant French-English, and random techie geek-speak piqued my interest. But what neither I nor my frontline colleagues could fathom was, so how does this apply to us??

The visionaries of cutting edge technology in robotics and graphical representations applied in surgical context had magnificent revolutions to surgeries as we know nowadays. From large surgical wounds to laparoscopic punctures to even more accurate detailed visualization of the human body under the skin, separated into data sets and controlled with a flick of a mouse. The surgeon could someday (within these two decades) preoperatively rehearse the whole surgery, educate their younger surgeons, and have a robot then perform the surgery and higher accuracy and detailing…

Am I boring you with my newly learnt discoveries? Because, if like me, you are a nursing professional, wandered over here by keyword search, you’ll too want to know, so what?!

As doctors and surgeons continually improve their skills and knowledge, revolutionizing their practice with modern day technology, how are nursing professions improving theirs?

Minimizing errors? Maximizing patient comfort? Patient centered care? To many frontline slaves in this country, it is merely tag lines, an impossibility that we try to mask with the age-old excuse of overworked and understaffed. Yes, being under staffed leads to being overworked leads to burnout. But management will always tell you they are adequately staffed. We all understand that. So poor patient care should be expected, is that right?


A penny for your thoughts; two for your comments!

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