Tokyo 2014, Day 2

June 7, 2014
Yokohoma 橫浜 Ramen Museum, Yamashita Park, Chinatown, Cosmo World.

12:20 The atmosphere of being in Tokyo Japan is so great, that i just overslept.. (no need to rationalize my contradictions, heh). I see a 10:00 on the information sheet given during check-in, but they didn’t call us to 12:15, so I guess check-out is 12:00 as with most other hotels elsewhere. Left the bulk of our luggage at the current hotel, and traveled with only essentials in a backpack. It’s like a trip-in-a-trip, haha, umm. So this is the hotel in the daylight. Alternate floors have drink machines, including hot lemon tea, yummy!! And, more importantly, there is a free beauty care “sample” section, this so-called “sample” is a full sized product, one per guest. I found the product at Ikebukuro station beauty shop, for 880yen and 1200yen, wow, and they’re pretty good to use too!

IMG_3828 IMG_3825

12:30 Breakfast was at a 24-hour Sukiya Restaurant, around the corner from where we stayed, provides eat in or take out services, eat-in is just ¥10 more. Got a mini beef ¥210 with cheese ¥140, and mini beef don ¥$210 with 山奎 ¥130 (山奎 is a really bland green little vegetable, an acquired taste which I have yet to acquire). Grand total of ¥745 for breakfast! Yay!


13:22 It’s heavy raining once again. I remind myself how much I really need a new umbrella. There’s actually a lot more outside walking than I expected (considering HK has mostly large malls within direct access of MTR stations).
14:00 Took the JR Shounan Line from Shinjuku to Shibuya, then to Yokohama 橫浜.
14:35 Switching trains at platform 4 from Yokohama 橫浜 to Shin-Yokohama station 橫浜線.
15:01 Waited half an hour for a train to Hachioji 八王子, all the others were to Minama Urawa 南浦和. Not only was that one out of 10, but our long awaited train got delayed, aww. ¥712 train ticket. Damn, travel is expensive here.


15:30 Oh, we walked by a Subway sandwiches. They had Shrimp and avocado ¥470, Smoked salmon and Avocado, Egg ¥390, Avacodo and veggies ¥390, etc. I think it says ¥500 for a set. Sorely tempted to try, but we’re having ramen soon, and didn’t get the chance again.


15:50 Shinyokohama Ramen Museum (note: different from Cup Noodle Museum!!). Entrance ticket is ¥310 per adult. First floor is a souvenir store and a mini race track (¥100) per race. There’s also a lengthy description (in Japanese) and map showing various types of ramen popular in different areas of Japan. B1 and B2 is decorated in great detail as older times Japan with small ramen stores. You can refer to the 1/F entrance for a description of types of noodle of each store. Although not mandatory you can try the noodles at a reasonable price, and if you enter a store, you are expected to order something (each store space is very limited). Tonkatsu ramen ¥800, Miso soup ramen ¥850. But somehow I can’t see how people try more than one or two stores at most as their portion sizes are substantial.



17:45 Train Shin-Yokohama to Yokohama, ¥145. Minato Mirai to Motomachi-Chukagai 中華街, ¥210.

18:30 Arrived at Yamashita Park. Entry to the park is free, but costs ¥750 to go up the Marine Tower. The Observation deck for the Marine Tower is at the 30th floor which gives a nice sea and city view. There’s a port where sightseeing cruises can be taken; from a glance, the prices seem rather expensive as it is catered to travellers I suppose. The seaside walk was pleasant enough until it got cold and the rain started pouring again. Walked into a Lawson Store and got a hot fried mashed potato and beef ball, ¥135, which was great for warming up the cold, tasted surprisingly good too. Also got a packet of Green apple candy for ¥95. Total was ¥238.

IMG_3928 IMG_3930 IMG_3929IMG_3932 IMG_3934IMG_3940 IMG_3954


19:20 Yokohama Chinatown (横浜中華街 Yokohama chūkagai) is the largest chinatown in Japan, and probably larger than Toronto (Vancouver i’m not so sure as it’s so chinese-ified that the whole of Richmond could be classified as Chinatown, heh). It contains a large number of stores and restaurants with various chinese food (although gyoza seems more popular) and altered to fit Japanese tastes. Stores sell “chinese” products but their quality seems even better than products purchased in China, sad but Japanese does have a higher standard). There are nine gates, and spans quite a few blocks. Although, after a couple blocks, things start getting repetitive. Since I wasn’t really looking for Chinese food, except for siulongbao for some odd reason, but ¥500 for 4 seemed a tad expensive, hehe.
20:15 Leaving Chinatown.
20:25 Waiting for the train on the Minatomirai line to Minato mirai stop. A 10-minute train ride ¥180.


22:00 Cosmo World Amusement Park in Minato Mirai (Harbour of future) houses Cosmo Clock one of the world’s tallest ferris wheel (107.5m) and largest clock. ¥800 per person. Each carriage contains a small iPad that shows information in Japanese and English of all the major buildings in the area. Entrance charge is free with each ride charging ~¥500. As it is an amusement park, it contains the usual roller coaster, called “Vanish”; possibly by the blinking light effects or that it goes under (a spray of) water, i’m not too sure. In contains other arcade-style games, and House of terrors, which from the effects around the outside, look genuinely scary. We didn’t go for it, although sorely tempted, as everything was in Japanese and we’d had no idea of the storyline.


22:20 The park closes at 22:00. And all the food stalls in the park closes around 21:00. All the food stores outside (there is a McDonald’s and other western fastfood at the mall opposite from the park) are closed by now. So with unbareable hunger, we decided on some 飯糰 at a convenience store and enjoyed them immensely on a bench in the mall: Negitoro ¥135, Seared salmon 燒鮭¥135, Total ¥273.

22:30 On the way back to Minatomirai station, we pass by the Mister Donuts, which had started a sale at 21:00 for ¥1000 to a ¥500 discount!!!! 10 various prepacked Mister donut’s donuts for ¥500.

23:20 Train ride from Minatomirai to Yokohama, ¥180. And ¥237 to Isezakichō. Finally arrived at our hotel, Yokohama Isezakicho Washington Hotel, and smartly contains a Lawson’s convenience store downstairs. Enjoying another cup noodle for midnight snack, teehee.


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