Tokyo 2014, Day 4

June 9, 2014  Tokyo Day 4

12:30 Breakfast at Sukiya ミニ赤牛丼¥210 + チーズ タバスコ ¥140
Kimono rental information

14:15 Our set off time seems later and later each day. Sigh.
14:40 Finally, our day’s intinerary is set and we head to Tokyo for our walking tour.
Side note: for a gal who sans makeup all the time, I’m finally influenced enough to put on a little, yep very little, lip gloss and concealer.

15:15 We arrive at Tokyo station of JR east line, ¥194.

15:30 Change of plans. Imperial gardens are closed on Monday and it’s started a drizzle. Today will be Ueno 上野 and Akihabara 秋葉原 instead. ¥154 to Uguisudani station.

16:00 Tokyo National Museum is closed Mondays. (Although we probably wouldn’t have much time to enjoy the Tokyo National Museum leisurely, it was still a jolt to find it closed bright and early Monday morning!! So instead we went right to Ueno Park.)

Ueno Park is the largest park in Tokyo containing zoos, art museum, shrines, a water fountain. It’s right opposite the National Museum.

17:00 Vanilla ice Icecream with mango crunch ¥310, yum!!


18:45 The sky is darkening and we still want to take a glimpse of Ameyoko street.

20:20 Finally settled on Tempura don at 天丼, near Okachimachi station.
小天丼 幸海1640
Assorted bread x4 for ¥300
21:10 Okay, Akihibara has been crossed off. Maybe next time!


¥165 Back to Ikebukuro station

22:30 There’s a 24-hour jeans mart (what on earth is someone doing jeans shopping at midnight??) and today we finally dropped by. Their prices are reasonable. Most amazingly though, we’ve found yukata (浴衣) sets for ¥3,900 which is cheaper than rental!! The instructions seem easy enough, I’m just not totally convinced it is a genuine article and kinda embarrassed if I walk around Tokyo in a fake kimono getup (I could be cosplaying, haha). It’s drizzling again, back to the hotel to get some laundry done. Sigh, bad planning and decision making seems to be our main culprit of a wasted day. But, it was leisurely, and I mean it is still a holiday for me~ heh.


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