Photography 101: Street

imageHong Kong Street – and I could just as well have filed this under “Home” (Photography 101: Day 1 challenge) as this is where those who care and worry about the future of Hong Kong  have been camping out since September 28th, 2014.  Occupy Central, or Umbrella movement, is probably already widely discussed in HK, or old news to international readers, still strikes me deeply when our friends abroad are so worried and yet encouraging, but our “brethren” from mainland have no clue due to censorship. And for a Honger born and bred abroad and merely here for a quick buck, the crowds sitting out on the streets today has made me proud of being by heritage a Honger, and yet they receive so many criticism from those very people who will suffer if they fail, and are so deluded by a country, a government, who is not responsible to the people they represent, a government who feels no shame at using underhanded tactics to secure their future in bribery. So although it doesn’t really bother me as I can’t imagine myself living here for long, I do wish I can someday return to visit a Hong Kong as we know it.



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