Photography101 :: Solitude


Solitude :: state of being alone

Sometimes, one feels left behind by the world, forgotten and useless. And other times, one just wants to sit back in the shadows and watch others in their own mad rush of life. This kitty lives in the backyard of our hospital between the main block and staff quarters, always vying for a hug and a cuddle, or sauntering off when unwilling passerby walks by. This kitty also watched me through the toughest first year as a full fledged nurse, learning and getting accustomed to a whole new environment, being reprimanded and feeling stupid. And that period felt very lonely, because even when working with full staff load, demanding patients, and hectic work schedules, it’s all your workload. So sometimes I go out of my way to encourage the new fresh grads, I’m not sure how much I can help but at least that’s all I hoped for back then..

(Btw, belated post, starting to get stumped on these abstract challenges, hehe, hope I sort of got it)


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