Who do you think you are

There are times when they make your measly existence feel stupid, useless, pointless, worthless.

They trivialize all your efforts and magnify the imperfections.

They care only about the money they did not pay, the data on their charts, and finding a scapegoat.

There is a time when enjoying work and exploration is frowned upon, is thought of as irresponsibility, frivolity.

They stand on their pedestals pointing at what you do and always finding fault.

And then they preach of some workplace caring program.

But thank you for putting me down because the tears that fall today remind me I am not here to please you bitches; my calling and vocation is to my patients, and for that I will continue to strive. My dedication is to non-maleficience and beneficence, for I shall firstly do no harm to my patients and do good with all my effort.

I am not perfect, and God knows, I still have a long way to go, because I am no effing angel in white. But this is my goal and your words shall not defeat me.

And to you it may all be bullshit, but I still believe there are people who understand what I am talking about. Those who know their priorities, what is first and foremost, what is right. They work with all seriousness and enjoy the fruits of their labor. They persevere despite all these voices weighing them down. And to these wonderful nurses, my colleagues and comrades, stay true to your passion and fire, because even when your seniors turn a blind eye, I still believe God above and the society knows!!


A penny for your thoughts; two for your comments!

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