✈️Nagoya’15 • Day 1

2015 • March • 28

Precursor: Those who follow my travel blogs would know I usually keep a running log of times and location of where I’m at during my trip. However this set of posts is going to be slightly different, as I lost my phone (a very dumb accident on my part) and with no recent backup, I can only give a general guideline of where I’ve been based on memory (and photo timestamps). Anyhow, now you know. Apologies!! 

Once again, we’re going to…you guessed it, Nagoya, Japan!!!! 😍 However, because of the peak season and late planning and low budget even though I desperately wanted to go during cherry blossom season, we actually had to book a transfer flight. Weird right, who would have thought a four hour flight would need a transfer, but China Eastern was much cheaper than other options, so there goes. 


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