✈️Osaka’15 • June 11 • 行きましょう

2015 • June 11
Let’s Go • 出發吧 • 行きましょう



Finally the day is here!! Ready to set off for Osaka/Kyoto. Even though I’ve been to Japan couple times already, it still gets me excited!! Weeee~~ This time we’re flying cheapo airline, which doesn’t even include a baggage allowance! With only one carry on and one personal item limit, packing becomes a headache. Even just bringing limited outfits and bare minimal necessities, my carry on is already at 7.8kg, and that’s without all the souvenirs and shopping 😩.


17:15 Set off to Osaka!!!! 行きましょう!!!! 這一次倒是很準時就出發。 With their poor track record, our flight surprisingly actually took off on time. The flight was the usual. Knowing meals cost extra, I brought my own snacks along, but because I was alternating between sleepy and excited, didn’t actually eat all that much. The flight wasn’t too full, and we had a row to ourselves (3 seats). It was a small plane with 3 seats on each side of the aisle. Unfortunately we were also the last row before toilets and random people kept walking by and sitting on out empty seat. This women sat on my fishy biscuit and walked around with a large fish crumb on her butt..😆😆.


21:40 Touch down at Osaka!! Next was the flurry to grab our luggage and head to immigrations. Maybe because of MERS, airport staff were very diligently checking everyone’s temperature. Obviously there’s a huge line up at immigration. Nothing to be done, we can only wait…


22:40 Our first meal is at Sukiya メガ牛丼 (beef rice) withチーズ (cheese) and a カルピス (Calpis) drink for 1020円. Yummy, as expected!


23:05 Airport Shuttle Bus to Kyoto, 5100円 for two. Started raining now, good thing we’re on the bus at least. We arrive at Kyoto soon enough with a light drizzle that was building up, and after buying some convenience store snacks, we take the taxi to our lodging.




00:30 Arrive to our lodgings for the night and this week. Unlike to wooden structures outside, everything indoors is so automated and efficient. We didn’t do much today but I’m already too sleepy. Yawn!



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