✈️Osaka’15 • Jun 14 • 宇治

2015 • June 14
Uji • 宇治

13:30 Gion-Shijo stn by Keihan Railway to Chushojima 中書島 stn, then Uji 宇治線 line to Uji 宇治 station.

13:50 We must have gotten on the wrong direction, because the train we got on at Sanjo, went to Damachiyanagi, the operator shooed us all off, then all the seats (automatically) switched directions, train shuffled its position then let us all back on again. So amazing. For those so used to the simplified MTR system in Hong Kong, don’t assume the train on the opposite platform is necessarily going to opposite direction!! There’s a plethora of limited express, semi express, local trains which all go the same line same direction but stopping at different stations along the way.

14:14 Chushojima stn to ¥310

14:32 Uji.

15:05 Cha-soba, ミニ丼 and a mini- noodle, total ¥3672

15:40 Matcha ice cream cone ¥300. This one had matcha powder all over

19:16 Back to Uji station for the Keihan Line to Chushojima stn.

20:14 Chushojima stn by Kintetsu Line to Kamitobaguchi stn. Donquixote

21:45 Kamitobaguchi stn by Kintetsu Line to Takeda 竹田 stn, Takeda (たけだ,竹田) stn Tokyo Subway to Shijo stn


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