✈️Osaka’15 • Jun 16 • 祇園

2015 • June 16
Gion • 祇園

10:15 Got woken up by the contractors. I really do admire Japanese people for their insistency in speaking Japanese regardless of the recipients Japanese level, however, they do very politely and patiently repeat and repeat. 

11:50 Hair cut and color. You know how so many Japanese people have such great hair and fashion sense, do they all go to big salons? And as a tourist, how can you get the look without breaking the piggy bank?

14:45 Set off walking to Yasaka-jinja 八板神社

15:05 花見小路

15:20 八板神社

15:50 Two beibei, one offered to take a photo for me, and didn’t know how to operate, instead asked his friend to help.

16:20?? Leaving 八板神社

16:38 Leaving 2nd time

17:30 Fresco¥270

18:00 Home. Went back home to sit back and snack a little. And a good thing too, as it started pouring! 

19:19 The rain let up and went out again. A drug store right opposite McDonalds at Shinjo四條 is a two floor shop and seemed to have quite a range of things. Unfortunately it didn’t seem to have too much of a discount so i decided to leave it for next time. They open till 22:30.

Teramachi street and . 

¥320 Kmart jugabees were a rip off, coz everywhere else had them for ¥141, whereas k-mart had them for ¥160!!! 😢

320? Hair accessories ties

?265 postcards

¥432 for two 🍙 and one huge grapefruit juice


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