✈️Osaka’15 • Jun 17 • 嵐山

2015 • June 17
Arashiyama • 嵐山

13:45 Leaving house for some quick souvenir shopping! 京都京風 ¥5724 two box one bag. 
14:30 Hello Kitty shop, spent 6 minutes and bought two hello kitty cellphone ornament and one hair elastic bow. 
15:00 Leaving the house after putting down my souvenir shopping, wow, that’s one heavy bag. 
15:10 Limited Express Hankyu Line to Katsura stn (2nd stop), Local train Hankyu Arashiyama Line to Arashiyama stn. 
15:38 Arashiyama 
¥120 post card

¥1050 sweet green tea
17:59 leaving Arashiyama 

18:15 Katsura stn 普通 Hankyu Line (towards Umeda) Rakusaiguchi station, 

18:17 Rakusaiguchi station. 
American Eagle Outfitters.

Aeon Mall 1/F. 

Kuzetakadacho, Minami Ward, Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture 601-8211, Japan
20:00 exit turn left,7-8 minutes, 

20:15 Arrived at Rakusaiguchi stn. Oddly enough, although it’s my fault I didn’t check before running through the gates, was the platform which I got off at, only had trains going towards Umeda!! And there was no second platform in sight!! 😱!! Being the infinitely intelligent gal I am, I got onto the next train, took one stop to the next station where I could see an opposite platform. Hehe, I almost took three stops instead so I could take an express train back from a big stop, unfortunately, I didn’t, so I had to wait for two express trains tear past me. 
20:45 Making new friends. Getting picked up by a guy speaking Japanese. 
23:30 GreenWorld. I was on my way home, when I heard some rather nice music and a gathering crowd right at my intersection. So I slowed down and up to see what the commode was all about. There was this group/band giving a lovely and blood boiling live show!! Obviously I didn’t understand a word they were saying, although I could guess the thank yous, live performance, buy our CDs, taking a group photo, etc. I swear I was about to walk off when they started singing again.
Ended up buying their CDs and getting all their signatures (although I’m not entirely sure whose who), but had an amazing impromptu music concert. 

Also got a splitting headache. Ran off home to rest my poor head. 


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