✈️Osaka’15 • Jun 18 • じゃあね

2015 • June 18
See you soon • じゃあね

04:00 Because of a splitting headache, my packing is still barely finished at 4am. Bad thing is, my flight isn’t exactly in the morning, and I have quite a few last minute shopping to complete before leaving. Oh, and i was way over-confident in thinking I could make a trip to Japan with only a carry on, repacking all my shopping seems like an impossible feat. Another big problem is, I really don’t know Japan’s advanced garbage classification system. I’m so used to living in hotels which have daily housekeeping, and even B&Bs clean out the room after you, but now left to my own devices and not wanting to leave a bag of trash…what can I do?😓😩😖 Guess I should nap a little. Yawn!

11:00 Finally left the house. Gonna do some more last minute shopping at Teramachi and Shinkyogoku street. 
¥594 O tabi Kyoto. postcard and snacks 
¥384 Shiny post cards x2 (¥160 each) 
¥324 hair clip 
¥421 the ¥324 thank you shop. Contains a lot more than your usual ¥100,¥300 shops, but it’s just interesting seeing very prettily made things go for rather cheap. Got an Old Navy top (the tag said Old Navy), shrug. 
¥840 blue dress

14:10 On 特急 (they’re all limited express in English) train to Umeda. Not sure I have much time for shopping, sigh. 
15:00 Arrived at Umeda. I’m given 10 minutes to grab my purchases and make the airport shuttle at 15:30. Obviously I failed. Checking out and doing tax free at the time I should be on a shuttle bus, heh. This attendant lady saw me grabbing things left and right and hugging all my products, thoughtfully handed me a basket (I was gonna forego it and make it fast), obviously I thanked her profusely and she also very proactively asked where I was from. 
16:00 Airport shuttle to Kansai Airport. 

Kansai International Airport Terminal 1 

18:35 – 

Hong Kong international airport Terminal 2 21:35
19:03 Our flight starts taxiing, 

19:13 Take off. 


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