Nursing News

Medical News: Detroit EMT refusing to help 8-month old in distress

Caught this piece of news, and felt saddened by the unnecessary death of a poor infant due to the misconduct of a medical personnel. It felt so depressing that an 8-month old infant was struggling, and any passerby should have extended a helping hand, and yet in such a civilized country as America, a trained medical staff stood back and refused to offer help. 

Quite often news of various road accidents or people getting mugged and left dying on a public road for hours, and cctv would show people walking by or even crossing to the other side and ignoring the injured pleading for help. But this happens in China, where the injured will turn around and accused the one that helped them. I hate this, I hate the people that do this and the ones that let this happen even when they should have the knowledge and professionalism to know otherwise, I hate the people who don’t stand up for what’s right. 


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