God blesses

2015 • July 17

There’s certain times along the road (called life) where you can almost foresee a pothole is up ahead, because it’s just been too smooth for so long. And when that sudden jolt comes, part of me wants to bang my head on a wall, and scream “I told you so! Why didn’t you check carefully! I’m one big ass idiot! There’s no future for me!”. And I guess these are God’s way of saying “Hey I’m here, come back to me”. Because there’s so many things that is out of our reach, out of our power to control, but because of God’s blessing, we can momentarily hold it, an illusion of control. But oddly enough, He doesn’t just throw you in a pitful of fire, He doesn’t give you any burden that you cannot bear. And although I made the very mistake of walking right into that pothole, He gave me lovely colleagues that gave me their well wishes and talked me into a better mood. Thanks guys!! 

Maybe it’s time to turn back.


A penny for your thoughts; two for your comments!

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