To Da, 3 years later

Just yesterday, I was given a letter paper to write a post to myself, three years later. Apparently it’s some NSD (nursing service division) department promotion to help nurses reflect on their experience. I really enjoy these self-evaluation projects because I can take the time to think where I stand now and what I hope to achieve in the future. Unfortunately, I hardly think a a quarter sized letter is going to allow sufficient detail and an honest evaluation of oneself. And to only allow two days and in between a PA shift is going to be of any use.

Nursing is a continual improvement and reflection process, with critical thinking and to challenge current practice. When the bigger picture is clear, the important details stand out, and the nonsense becomes negligible. Unfortunately many seniors in Hong Kong don’t seem to understand this simple process. Chinese, in particular, with it’s strong roots in senority and hierarchy sometimes forgets to learn from the clear fresh minds, instead enforces an archaic and outdated system instead of improvement. Experience is important, and that is why advanced trained nurses are such a valuable resource, but to discern what is sound rationale backed by evidence based practice versus the cumbersome word of mouth.



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