Nursing is a very VERY teamwork intensive job. In the average ward, not only are you working amongst your nursing colleagues, but also struggling to balance patient’s preferences and doctors orders and seniors commands and various multidisciplinary specialties who all think they know the best of their worlds. Which may be true. But the balance of life must be maintained. And it’s YOUR job! 

In the average ward, you have a continuum of patients ranging from the critical ones requiring close monitoring, all the way to the ones who are just waiting to be discharged. And then the range of your nursing team, from the most experienced as In-Charge, to the second IC who cares for the most critical few or the bulk of the patients, all the way to the young’uns who may or may not know what they’re doing.

Along my nursing career, I’ve seen many types of nurses. There are those who think they are entitled to your deification simply because they hold certain positions or titles but have long since forgotten why they began on this path or where they are heading. Then there are those who don’t really care as long as they get their monthly wages and can idle their work hours away. Lastly, there are those that despite being constantly exploited for their kindness, still meekly and  dutifully care for their patients and helps the rest of the team, whether it is reciprocated.

And it annoys me to no end when these industrious lil ‘uns not only receive no recognition from their seniors but not even a word of thanks from their colleagues!



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